Around the World in Eighty Days

Around the World in Eighty Days


To take on the bet – to go around the world in eighty days, faster than anyone had gone before – was madness. If Phileas Fogg missed a single connection he would lose £20,000. Phileas Fogg was an eccentric Englishman who lived a quiet ordered life and believed that, with technology and planning, nothing was unforseeable. But he could not plan for the ebullient nature of his French servant, Passepartout, for the adventures that crop up on their journey and for the totally unexpected collision with romance. The humour and freshness of Verne’s writing – vivid despatches from a newly accessible world – make Around The World In Eighty Days an ideal subject for an audiobook.







Track Listing

Track #TitleArtistLength
1No 7 Savile Row, Burlington Gardens3:53
2Passepartout settles in2:17
3At the Reform Club8:54
4Phileas Fogg a bank thief?7:13
5Fix digs deeper3:50
6Aden and then Bombay – early6:23
7An unexpected hiatus6:10
8A forest procession10:51
9A successful escape10:44
10On the Rangoon to Hong Kong5:21
11Passepartout waylaid7:03
12Departure without Passepartout6:38
13A squall on the way to Yokohama6:04
14Passepartout alone on the Carnatic11:31
15A paddle-wheel steamer to San Francisco8:50
16Arrival in America4:40
17The Pacific Railroad6:19
18Old and new adversaries7:19
19Another strange vehicle3:29
20The Hudson and the Atlantic8:24
21Phileas Fogg lands at Liverpool Pier2:56
22A saddened Fogg arrives home3:09
23The Reform Club again1:49
24Eighty days precisely6:12