To the Lighthouse

To the Lighthouse


To The Lighthouse is Virginia Woolf’s most accomplished novel, and her most autobiographical. It tells of one summer spent by the Ramsay family and their friends in their holiday home in Scotland. Offshore stands the lighthouse, remote, inaccessible, an eternal presence in a changing world. A projected visit to the lighthouse forms the heart of this extraordinary novel which, through the minds of the various characters, explores the nature of time, memory, transience and eternity. The style has the clarity of a diamond which shimmers in the mind, making To The Lighthouse one of the most unforgettable novels of the twentieth century.







Track Listing

Track #TitleArtistLength
11Virginia Woolf, Juliet Stevenson14:48
22Virginia Woolf, Juliet Stevenson5:52
33Virginia Woolf, Juliet Stevenson3:44
44Virginia Woolf, Juliet Stevenson6:27
55Virginia Woolf, Juliet Stevenson6:37
66Virginia Woolf, Juliet Stevenson8:22
77Virginia Woolf, Juliet Stevenson8:25
88Virginia Woolf, Juliet Stevenson11:24
99Virginia Woolf, Juliet Stevenson7:37
1010Virginia Woolf, Juliet Stevenson5:17
1111Virginia Woolf, Juliet Stevenson8:29
1212Virginia Woolf, Juliet Stevenson2:17
1313Virginia Woolf, Juliet Stevenson10:42
1414Virginia Woolf, Juliet Stevenson1:58
1515Virginia Woolf, Juliet Stevenson3:37
1616Virginia Woolf, Juliet Stevenson1:23
1717Virginia Woolf, Juliet Stevenson3:38
1818Virginia Woolf, Juliet Stevenson2:57
1919Virginia Woolf, Juliet Stevenson3:41
2020Virginia Woolf, Juliet Stevenson8:38
2121Virginia Woolf, Juliet Stevenson7:39
2222Virginia Woolf, Juliet Stevenson3:50
2323Virginia Woolf, Juliet Stevenson11:54
2424Virginia Woolf, Juliet Stevenson8:37