We Aren't Kids Anymore (Studio Cast Recording)

We Aren't Kids Anymore (Studio Cast Recording)


Drew Gasparini's theatrical song cycle explores the collision of artistic expression and the realities of growing up.







Track Listing

Track #TitleArtistLength
1Hello, My Name Is DrewDrew Gasparini [Feat. Colton Ry...]3:39
2On The EdgeDrew Gasparini [Feat. Bonnie Mi...]3:26
3Danny & AndrewDrew Gasparini [Feat. Colton Ryan]3:29
4Turn The PageDrew Gasparini [Feat. Lilli Cooper]4:11
5I Wish I Never Met YouDrew Gasparini [Feat. Nicholas…2:42
6The Thing I Like The Most About New YorkDrew Gasparini [Feat. Colton Ryan…2:38
7Something GoodDrew Gasparini [Feat. Raymond J. Lee]3:02
8Little SisterDrew Gasparini [Feat. Colton Ryan]4:16
9Faking CoolDrew Gasparini [Feat. Bonnie Milli…3:59
10I'm Not Falling For ThatDrew Gasparini [Feat. Raymond J…4:23
11On And On And OnDrew Gasparini [Feat. Bonnie Milli…4:12
12The Essence Of GeorgeDrew Gasparini [Feat. Colton Ryan]4:48
13What The Hell Am I Doing With My Life?Drew Gasparini [Feat. Colton Ryan…4:22
14Caught In A LoopDrew Gasparini [Feat. Bonnie Milli…3:36
15Mom Could Play GuitarDrew Gasparini [Feat. Colton Ryan…4:29
16SnowDrew Gasparini [Feat. Raymond J…3:30
17We Aren't Kids AnymoreDrew Gasparini [Feat. Lilli Cooper]5:18
18I'll Stick AroundDrew Gasparini [Feat. Nicholas…4:36
19When I GoDrew Gasparini [Feat. Colton Ryan…4:48